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Tekna S8 Suede Dressage Saddle

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Product Features and Benefits
This elegant dressage saddle is made for the serious rider with the ultimate in adjustability. 

Featuring Tekna's popular Quik-Gullet Easy Fit System, changing the width of the gullet is only four fasteners away.

The saddle comes with a medium gullet plate installed. Not the right fit? Additional gullet plate sizes are available to purchase separately, here. Choose between narrow, medium, medium/wide, wide, and extra-wide. 

It is made from a strong synthetic material with latex/wool flocking panels. The latex/wool flocking eliminates lumps and bumps, and can still be re-flocked in the traditional manner for a customized fit to your horse.

Knee pads and a suede seat offer extra grip and comfort for the rider. Its deep design offers further support in the saddle, delivering a more upright and perfectly aligned position. It's all thanks to the higher cantle, which helps prevents you from sliding backward in the saddle. 

This saddle includes removable knee rolls to help stop knees from shooting forwards and upwards. Plus, give your legs a good sense of security with moulded flaps. You will also find changeable girth points. 

Key Features 
• Quik-Gullet® Easy Fit System
• Low-maintenance and strong synthetic material
• Latex/wool flocking
• Deep seat
• Suede seat 
• Knee pads for extra grip 
• Moulded flaps
• Removable knee rolls
• Changeable girth points.