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NEW! šŸŽ šŸ’– Tekna Club All Purpose Saddle

NEW! šŸŽ šŸ’– Tekna Club All Purpose Saddle

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Tekna Club All Purpose Saddle Using the technology of big brother Tekna, Club offers an alternative for the budget conscious buyer. The price is kept down by using less expensive materials without compromising the comfort of horse or rider. The panels are made from foam and the saddle is fitted with the Quik Change Gullet System. The Club saddle comes with Medium/Wide gullet and uses the Tekna Jumping Gullet Plates. In order to customise your saddle quickly yourself five gullet sizes are available: Narrow, Medium, Medium/Wide, Wide and Extra Wide.
Sizes: 14.0", 15.0", 16.5", 17.0", 17.5", 18.0"

Availability:Ā In stock In Australia but are subject to change.

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