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Stockmans Breastplate Lightweight

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Stockmans Breastplate

A classic breastplate for English riding, or stock work, the stockman’s sometimes known as a hunting breastplate is the most common type of breastplate.

It comprises of a yoke (complete with neck and wither strap), a breast strap at the bottom of the yoke.( Which runs through the horse’s front legs and attaches to the girth) and two straps at the top of the yoke which attach to the D-rings of the saddle.

There are also buckles for adjusting the size of the yoke as well as the length of the straps which attach to the saddle and girth. The hunting breastplate not only helps to prevent the saddle from slipping, but also may be used to attach a Market Harborough or standing and running martingales, which are clipped or buckled onto a ring at the chest

Extremely Lightweight Terylene
With Nickel Plated Fittings

In Black