“If you have gained the trust of a horse, you have won a friend for life.”

Shearmagic Colt 120 Clipper Large

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SM Colt Horse Clipper
Shear Magic® colt 120 Large Animal Clipper

The Shear Magic Colt 120 clipper working at the power of 120W and performing 2400 strokes per
minute with the 80mm blade width can definitely meet the demand of horse grooming, trimming and clipping. Its sleek and well-balanced design makes it easy to operate. It can also be used to clip cattle.
CE approved and only weighs 1.2kg.

These clippers are suitable for everday clipping for yards. Also great for trimming feathers,whiskers and hogging all year round.
Please note: This clipper takes the Oster Clipmaster range of blades.

Features & Specifications.
. Powerful motor: 120w, fan cooled motor enables continuously clipping
. Motor: 3000 rpm
. Takes Oster Clipmaster blades
. Blade pressure adjustment with rotatable button
. Durable, vibration absorption, and noise elimination nylon body
. Durable for long time working
. Cable length 5.5m

Included with each set of clippers is a bottle of clipper oil, a head
cleaning brush and a screwdriver
These clippers are supplied in a robust carry case which is foam
lined, to ensure protection of your clippers and accessories.

Clipping is an important part of horse care. Regular clipping helps to
ensure the horse is healthy and comfortable
Your set of Shear Magic Colt 120 clippers carries a full one year manufacturers
warranty from the date of purchase