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NEW! 🐎 💖 Matrix Endurance Pad Sport  🚚 Posted.*

NEW! 🐎 💖 Matrix Endurance Pad Sport 🚚 Posted.*

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Matrix Endurance Sport Pad
The Matrix™ Endurance pads are specifically designed for endurance riding/trekking to offer the maximum amount of protection, support and breathability required for intense long distance riding.

Matrix™ Endurance Pads an all-in-one design, using advanced technology behind a traditional appearance.

These pads feature an upper of Etc™ material - an innovative fabric that provides a non-slip, anti-friction surface for a secure saddle position. It offers high wicking and breathability for maximum moisture and heat removal which is so important on long distance rides. It is stain resistant, and easy to clean.
This model is suitable for Sport Endurance saddles and has a Coolback® lining - a 100% orthopedic fleece designed especially to withstand the rigors of equestrian use. The fleece roll stops on either side of the girth area so that you can ensure maximum contact of your saddle.

By adding optional inserts to the in-built pocket, you are able to build the pad that your horse needs to provide orthopedic protection and contribute to overall performance.

The T³ bio-kinetic inserts are purchased separately, and available in Pro-Impact, or Ortho-Impact models - depending on you and your horse's needs.

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