“If you have gained the trust of a horse, you have won a friend for life.”

Lazy River Stars Western Saddle

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Western Saddle Lazy River Stars available in 15, 16 & 17" seat sizes.

This is a economy little saddle but value for money 

Is a standard 8 inch full QH tree so should fit most breeds med  to standard wide 

(Note if not sure off fit we suggest a custom made saddle POA)  as all brands can be different shape. (Shapes change from brand to brand) 

Other information

Please see attached photos as requested.

Skirt 25"

 We also had one of our shorter staff members sit in the 15” saddle who is 5.2 and the fenders were ok for her with some room to punch a couple more holes in.

Pre Orders and Posted Saddles will be placed on back order so you don't miss out.