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NEW! 🐎 💖Ladies White Show Riding Breech/Tights with Silicone Seat  🚚 Posted.*

NEW! 🐎 💖Ladies White Show Riding Breech/Tights with Silicone Seat 🚚 Posted.*

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  • Tights are all the rage for pleasure riding but we have bought them to the show ring in this stunning vanilla cream colour and silicone seat at a super price.  We've added a button and zip so they look just as good as show jods but you wont believe the comfort of riding without a stiff suede seat.  All the grip with far more comfort.

     All the comfort of a riding tight but have a button and fly for a polished look

    • Can take off your jacket in the ring to reveal a high end pair of breeches - not just a pair of pull on thights
    • Superior quality light weight 4 way stretch fabric
    • Breech style with soft lyca hem
    • Perfected fit and quality manufacture
    • Will not bag in the knee area
    • Perfect colour to compliment any jacket colour
    • Sticky silicone in all the right places to keep you firm in the saddle

Photo Credit Tammy Raine

MD & Chief Designer
In store ready to post Sizes maybe subject to change  so please allow me to check prior to ordering

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