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Pony/ Cob Show Western Halter with lead 🚚 Posted.*

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We have had these halters made to help our customers with a quality but affordable Show Halter.

The photo on the chestnut AAA is my mare she is around 14.2 HH 


These are our new Entry Level Show Halters Quality for your money
You will not find these in shops they are exclusive to Country Scene Saddlery and my Supplier,
Halters in may suit bulky shetland, Pony/ Small Cob size maybe yearling
We have Showman Brand for our cheaper halters and Billy Royal for our Mini and other sizes in High End Range, But i now also have a new Brand this ones been made for me so i can help my customers .. Its a Drum Dried premium quality leather and hand engraved Silver and we have 30 NEW Halters ready to send out now if anyone might be interested they will be suitable for Pony size and adjusts to cob size $120.00 with matching lead .. Can you please help me i need to sell them so we can order in other sizes.. Other sizes are welcome
These will be great for your local shows or for those of you that can't afford hundreds of $$ for a Billy Royal style halter POSTED
Size is over head 22" from tip to tip at longest point can go smaller to around 5" either side ..,tip of buckle to ring 5" ,Check 7",across nose is 12",little strap on back of chin is 4" either side plus the ring 2" the little joining strap is around ii" it doubles over and adjusts smaller by 1" either side and the strap behind the Jowl is 15" the silver lead is 29" and leather is 56" long .
The leather feels soft and manageable and will mould to pony or horses shape.
To order PM ME OR countryscene7767@gmail.com for anyone that is interested we can post straight out