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Classic Equine Legacy System Sports Boots Fronts (Pairs)

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  • Made of 100% virgin perforated neoprene that allows the leg to breathe and heat to escape so your horse’s legs stay cooler.

  • A shock-absorbing splint pad gives maximum protection to the splint bone, tendons, and other soft tissues.
  • Guards against crossfire and other scalping injuries.
  • Suspensory rib is positioned between the tendon and the cannon bone to ensure proper boot alignment.
  • Patented Cradle Fetlock System provides maximum support to the lower limb.
  • The entire fetlock is protected by a double layer of shock absorbing neoprene.
  • A layer of tough, bulletproof material fitted on the cup area ensures durability.
  • A series of fitting darts provides for a clean, close fit. Bound edges help keep dirt and debris out.
  • A round cut box-stitched velcro attachment with an aggressive hook-and-loop closure makes the Legacy more secure
  • We can get Small and Large other colours approx 14 days Just ASK US 
  • Colours are subject to change so  ask me prior to order so we can double check whats in stock here in Australia
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  •  price is for 1 pair of fronts  or we can also add hinds