NEW! 🐎 πŸ’– Campraft Fender 🚚 Posted*
*Note: Please check with us prior to placing orders so we can check stock. Covid has hit hard and some suppliers have limited stock ATM*
NEW! 🐎 πŸ’– Campraft Fender 🚚 Posted*

NEW! 🐎 πŸ’– Campraft Fender 🚚 Posted*

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Product Description

  • Weight: 10.5kg
  • 3 3/4” Knee Pads
  • 2” N.P. rigging dee’s for girth points
  • Brass Fittings with serge lined
  • panel stuffed with natural hair.

This saddle is used extensively in Australia for campdrafting as it allows close contact between horse and rider, it is made with the fenders swinging off stirrup bars allowing more forward and backward movement than those that swing off the tree.

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