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NEW! 🐎 πŸ’–   Martin Saddlery Rancher From

NEW! 🐎 πŸ’– Martin Saddlery Rancher From

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The newly redesigned Rancher was thoroughly tested in some of the toughest climates and situations throughout the west.It’s swell-forked Wade style found favor with those who spent consecutive days in the saddle, covering miles of country and riding colts. It features a hybrid style, bringing Association swells to the best features of the Wade design, offering limitless utility to the working cowboy.

  • Flat plate front rigging with choice of slot or dee in back.
  • Wade skirt fits colts and shorter coupled horses.
  • Full 2 1/2β€³ stirrup leather gives freedom of movement.
  • Ground seat for long miles, with plenty of security.
  • Standard with 3β€³ Nettles and Hamley Twist.
  • Available with either 3β€³ or 3 1/2β€³ domed, mulehide wrapped dally horn.
  • Strings and tie rings for tying hobbles and mecate.
  • Rope strap cinches the rope to the horn, allowing the rope to be used as a nighlatch.
  • Available with hard seat or inlaid seat only.
  • Built on Wade Bars with 6 1/2β€³ gullet.
All prices quoted are for Plain Roughout or Smoothout and are subject to change without notice.

Saddle Specs

Gullett Width: 6.5β€³ Standard,
Gullett Height: 8.5β€³
Cantle Height: 4β€³
Horn Height: 3.”
Horn Cap: 3β€³
Tree Size: 15β€³, 15.5β€³, 16β€³, 16.5β€³, 17β€³

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