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NEW! 🐎 💖 Martin Performance Saddle

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The new Performance Saddle keeps riders in a secure and winning position without restriction. Specially designed for cowhorse competitions, the Performance saddle is used and endorsed by NRHA and NRCHA Champion Todd Bergen. The saddle features a seat pocket that positions the rider, keeping him balanced and stable even during the toughest runs. It accommodates necessary movements by the rider to sit up in the turn-arounds or stay deep in the seat for rundowns and stops. And it is so comfortable that it makes you feel like you can easily do any event. That is why the Performance saddle crosses over for riders competing in reining and ranch versatility events as well.


  • • Narrow, comfortable seat keeps riders securely positioned
  • • Refined leg cut give a close contact with the horse
  • • Handmade, custom quality and classic style
  • • Fenders allow legs freedom of movement as needed
  • • Available with D Rig or Adjustable Rig
Gullet Width:   Standard, 6.5", 6.75", 7",7.5", 8" 
Gullett Height:  8.75"
Cantle Height:  3"
Horn Height:  3.5"
Horn Cap:  2"
Tree Sizes:  15.5", 16", 16.5", 17"

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