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NEW! 🐎 πŸ’– Guardian Youth Saddles FREE 🚚 Posted* From

NEW! 🐎 πŸ’– Guardian Youth Saddles FREE 🚚 Posted* From

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The new Guardian barrel saddle provides superior security, made with youth riders in mind, but it's for adults too. It’s designed to give the rider a secure seat, combined with a substantial swell and leg cut out. Forward rigged fenders feature the patented SPRS (Stirrup Positioning Rig Slot) that holds fenders in a forward position and offers resistance, keeping the rider in the seat pocket. The horn is designed with a forward angle to help maintain position without interference.

Gullett Width: Β Β Standard 6.75", 7", 7.5"

Gullett Height: Β Β 8.5"

Cantle Height: Β Β 4.5"

Horn Height: Β Β 3"

Horn Cap: Β Β 2"

Tree Sizes: Β 11”, 12” ,12.5”, 13” ,13.5”, 14”

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