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Diamond Mesh - 50M Roll (Freight will need to be quoted then added)

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Diamond Mesh Horse Fencing - used and trusted worldwide!

50 Meter Roll.
Height of fence - 127cm.
4 Rolls fit on a pallet.
Order online, or call us for a quote on 1300 791 653

  • Recognized worldwide by stable managers, breeders, veterinarians and horse owners as the very safest for horses
  • Diamond mesh weave protects hooves or legs from becoming caught in the fence
  • Flexes on impact preventing breakage or failure
  • Continuous weave pattern means no cut wire ends to harm animals
  • is strong and durable;
  • is safe and flexible;
  • does not rust;
  • does not break;
  • does not sag or roll up at the bottom.

Farms with Diamond Mesh Horse Fencing report fewer than normal paddock accidents, with no horses or foals having caught their legs on fencing, and with no sharp wires protruding, no horse or foal has torn any skin.

Achieve maximum safety for your horses, together with the knowledge that unwanted predators such as foxes and dogs, as well as kangaroos are kept out!

In over Thirty years of use in Australia and New Zealand Diamond Mesh Horse Fencing has never had a reported problem. The many American, French, English, and Irish farms using Diamond Mesh fencing have had no problems in almost one hundred years of reported use.

Unlike other types of mesh horse fencing, Diamond Mesh will not roll up at the bottom or sag at the top.

No additional wires or stays are required.

Diamond Mesh Horse Fencing can be constructed quickly and easily. We use six inch diameter pine posts every 2.5 metres with larger eight inch corner posts, stretching the wire from post to post and holding the wire tight with staples or straps. A top rail may be added for additional strength and visual safety.