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Fort Worth Guy Mclean Training Surcingle

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The Guy McLean training surcingle, was designed by Guy himself, to suit his needs for educating young horses in Long Lining.

It’s simple but sturdy design, sits comfortably on the horses back without the need for extra padding and the training d’s are set at a height that allows the handler to convey signals through to the bridle from a position similar to when being ridden. 

The use of the western rigging, allows the handler to tighten the girth to the exact standards as the saddle will need to be and this then makes it a perfect transitional girth from surcingle to saddle. 

Experience the Fort Worth Guy McLean Signature Series, a collaboration that reflects Guy's expertise and vision. Crafted with premium materials such as quality grain leathers, heavy-duty webbing, and high-grade metals, these products provide exceptional durability and stability for your horse. With reinforced construction techniques by skilled craftsmen, Fort Worth ensures your horse's security while maintaining style and comfort. Explore the Fort Worth Guy McLean collection and embark on a journey of equestrian excellence.

To complete the training unit you'll require:

-  Ring Stock with 2 Bates Lacing OR Buckle Western in conjunction with  our latigo and Billet Straps 

- 2 Training Lead 23' - 30' OR Lunge Rein

- Bridle & Bit OR Side pull with Bit attached for dual applications 

 In stock in Australia