Classic Equine Shock Guard XPT Felt Top Saddle Pad ( CSGFT31) 31″ x 32″ x 3/4″

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Shock Guard

Classic Equine® Shock Guard XPF™ Saddle Pad 31″ x 32″
The Shock Guard Pad by Classic Equine is truly a revolutionary saddle pad boasting an unprecedented level of protection against concussion and impact. Its protection spans throughout the entire body of the pad.
The Shock Guard Pad is made with innovative XPF™ Energy Absorbing Technology that is incredibly dense yet breathable and lightweight. With a self-adjusting profile, the Shock Guard Pad smartly conforms to the contours of a horse’s back, filling in void spaces. This long-lasting pad will not compress even after extensive use, and it remains soft and pliable resisting sweat, dirt, and grime.
It also has a unique moisture-wicking property that significantly reduces heat buildup under the saddle. Even during hot summer workouts, sweat is drying as you ride helping cool your horse’s back.Due to its dense, textured makeup and contoured design, the Shock Guard Pad stays securely in place to prevent unnecessary movement of the saddle. The Shock Guard is easy to clean and maintain while it lasts like no other pad on the market.

• Made with revolutionary XPF foam that is open-celled, breathable, lightweight, and durable with a self-adjusting profile
• Provides maximum impact protection throughout the entire pad surface
• Pliable and easy to clean even after extended use

Dimensions: 31″ x 32″ x  3/4″

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