“If you have gained the trust of a horse, you have won a friend for life.”

Classic Equine Braided Rawhide Rope Halter with Lead

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  • Durable nylon body is long-lasting and UV resistant
  • Braided Rawhide Noseband adds feal and traditional appeal
  • Available in a number of colors.
  • 8′ Lead included.

Classic Equine is the favourite horse supply brand of many top-rated jockeys and horse trainers because of its reliability and quality.

The brand makes world-class horse accessories including saddle pads, correction pads, and leather horse halters. Classic Equine makes products to fulfil all your horse supply needs.

The products they make are known for their use of high-quality materials, practical design, and the comfort they provide. 

Classic Equine’s braided rawhide rope halter is the perfect accessory to lead your equine friend to and from your rides. The rope halter is made with a durable nylon thread and the rawhide noseband adds a traditional, grounded touch. 

The halter comes with a leather popper and an 8’ lead. It is also UV resistant and built to withstand the pressures of different riding styles.

This product is available in multiple colours.