🐎 πŸ’– ARCTIC Arctic Rug

🐎 πŸ’– ARCTIC Arctic Rug

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top of the range 1680 waterproof denier with 300 gram polyfill.Β 

This rug is sure to keep your horse very warm and dry! It has clips on the front as well as the buckle option, it also has cross over surcingle straps and an extended tailflap.Β 
It also has a reflective strip which divides the two colours of the rug which are grey/black or babyblue/grey
(also note that being 300g polyfil it will lose an inch or 2 in puffiness and hence is small fitting)

Β Comes in 2 coloursΒ 

Synthetic Outdoor – Waterproof Breathable Rugs



We make Turnout rugs on 600 Denier, 1200 Denier and 1680 Denier Waterproof Breathable outer fabrics. Our 600D and 1200D are ripstop while 1680 is Oxford weave. These fabrics have a PU Coating on the inside which is Hydrophilic (water loving) in nature which draws excess sweat and moisture to it. Temperature differences between the air inside and outside the rug/blanket then forces moisture outwards. Breathability the MVT (Molar Value Transmission) is measured in gms/m2/24 Hours. The higher the MVT value the more breathable the fabric is.

The waterproofness of these fabrics is 3000 mm and Breathability ranges from 3000-8000 MVT


Lining is mainly Poly/Cotton commonly known as Swiss cotton. It has got good moisture wicking property.


Fillers used in these outdoor rugs are mainly synthetic which are from 100 GSM to 300 GSM.

No rug is ever 100% Waterproof. This is because rugs contain stitching, webbing & fastenings that cannot always be tape seamed or heat-sealed to prevent water penetration.

TAPED SEAM: All Waterproof rugs have taped seams at stitching joints.


Β Zero Breathability state even for highly breathable rugs: During heavy rain the outer pores of the rugs are covered from water that makes it impossible for air inside of the rug to come outside, Β at that time the rug is in0 Breathability state, which Β creates sweat inside of the rug Β that is sometimes misunderstood as leaking of the rug.


  1. Wash in under 30 Degree Celsius water
  2. Hand washing is the best
  3. Never used detergent or bleaches as it can damage the waterproof coating
  4. Don’t use High Pressure hose


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