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Designed to Molly Powell’s specifications to catch your eye with a gorgeous vintage finish – dark background and highlighted tooling. BUT the real appeal is the tree. This new tree style has taller and wider swells to provide a more secure seat. This saddle comes with a matching flank cinch set. Made by hand in Texas.

“Confidence is everything when you are purchasing a saddle. Will it fit my horse? Can I ride it? Is it worth the money? I have worked very hard to ensure that these three questions are answered with a yes, because they are the very same things that I ask myself when picking out a new saddle! Whether you choose my wooden tree saddle, popular for its super comfortable seat, or my favorite saddle the Freedom Fit – the most versatile fitting saddle I have ever seen, your investment means a lot to me and I am confident that you will be happy riding my signature saddles.” – Molly Powell. Molly Powell is a 10-Time NFR Qualifier and million dollar barrel racer.

Here are some helpful tips to help you properly fit your horse and yourself:

The three most important traits in a great competition saddle are:
1) the way the saddle fits my horse (I don’t want any rolling or pinching),
2) how well my saddle helps me to be secure in the seat while riding through a powerful turn
3) the quality vs weight issue (best quality saddle vs lightest for competition)

• Wood tree for a traditional fit and super comfortable seat
• A secure seat to stay properly balanced through a powerful turn
• The highest quality saddle in the lightest weight possible
• Narrow seat twist and wide swells to ride effectively
• Fenders are set to help keep the rider’s legs from getting behind them and falling forward during a run

 In about 10 weeks, you’ll be riding in your custom saddle!

Reinsman stands as the elite brand in Performance saddles – all saddles are hand made with top of the line features to create the highest quality product. All Reinsman saddles are fully customizable with options for tooling, seating, cantles, stirrups, finishes and hardware.

Core features of all RE saddles include hand tooled leather, genuine woolskin skirt lining, upgraded hardware and trim, and hand stitched riggings, horns, and cantle bindings. RE saddles carry a LIFETIME tree warranty and one-year workmanship warranty.

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