🐎 💖4.5 kg TropiCAL
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🐎 💖4.5 kg TropiCAL

🐎 💖4.5 kg TropiCAL

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Equine Vit&Min TropiCAL Blend is a high calcium complete mineral blend scientifically formulated to top up and balance the diets of horses at risk of developing bighead from grazing high oxalate pastures. Includes organic and inorganic sources of calcium, zinc, copper and selenium. With added salt, biotin and Vitamin E but no sweeteners or fillers.

Equine Vit&Min TropiCAL Blend can:

* Provide available calcium to offset high oxalate levels in the diets of horses at risk of developing 'bighead disease' when grazing high oxalate pastures.

* Top up the minerals often missing in horse diets to at least the minimum recommended levels (according to NRC 2007). 

* Balance the critical mineral ratios across the whole diet.

 Equine Vit&Min TropiCAL Blend  is unique in its ability to balance mineral ratios for calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc and copper as well as calcium to oxalate levels across the entire diet.

A horse fed a correctly balanced diet should have:

  • Improved hoof and skin health
  • A shiny coat
  • A stronger immune system
  • Better reproductive performance
  • Improved feed use efficiency.

Equine Vit&Min TropiCAL Blend gives you the freedom to choose your horse's feed with the peace of mind that all vitamin and mineral requirements are met. Because feeding your horse should be as simple as ABC. 

Directions for Use:

Mix daily serve of Equine Vit&Min TropiCAL Blend into horse’s slightly dampened feed. Amount can be halved and fed twice daily. May be provided free choice in a free draining container kept under shelter.

When grazing 100% High Oxalate Pasture, no hay fed: 

Miniature 75g/day, Pony 100g/day Galloway 150g/day Horse 175g/day. 

Reduce by 20% for every 2kg lucerne hay fed.


When grazing 50% High Oxalate Pasture, no hay fed: 

Miniature 50g/day, Pony 75g/day Galloway 125g/day Horse 150g/day. 

Reduce by 30% for every 2kg lucerne hay fed.

1 level scoop = 100g

If feeding pellets/museli mix with included vitamins/minerals, reduce amount of Equine Vit&Min. Do not feed more Equine Vit&Min than recommended. Do not use additional vitamins/minerals unless on advice of veterinarian or nutritionist


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