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The Badlands Flex2® barrel has a tree designed to fit the foundation type horse that needs a wider fit from the shoulder through the loin. Rich Mahogany color showcases the brass spot trim around the skirts and cantle. The antique brass conchos pop! The faux chocolate elephant seat is unique, sophisticated touch to create a classy look. Each Badland barrel saddle is built with these key features: low profile fit for close contact with your horse, Grip-Rite close contact skirt liner for grip and no slip, pre-shaped fenders for rider comfort with rubber grip treads on aluminum stirrups to keep feet secure, and matching flank cinch 

included. Dished seat keeps you in the saddle in a balanced position. Close contact skirt for precise cues.  This saddle allows your horse freedom of movement and keeps you close to the horse for control.

This saddle is designed to fit foundation style horses that need a wider fit from their shoulder to their loin. The fit will give the rider close contact to the horse with the cutout skirt shape for precise cues. It allows your horse freedom of movement and keep you close to the horse for control.

Flex2® saddles are designed to include comfort features for both the horse and rider that work in synergy with the Flex2® tree. Only Circle Y has the exclusive Flex2® tree design which uses a rigid ground seat for rider support, a high density bar which disperses rider weight, and low density bar which is against the horse and provides give for freedom of movement. This results in a lightweight saddle that will never get wider over time, flex in half, or overflex to create pressure points if properly fitted. Give yourself and your horse the lightweight comfort you’ve been craving! Learn more about 

Special Features

  • Roughout seat jockeys and fenders
  • Rawhide braided horn
  • Close contact skirt shape


 saddle is made great for my mutton or round withered horse, he loves it and it hardly weighs anything!

 I got the Lisa Lockhart elephant faux seat 1550 flex tree 2 – my mare is big and this is the first saddle that I haven’t had to use shims or a special saddle pad under and has perfect sweat after a workout! My back also feels so much better because it keeps me in an athletic position in, around and out of the barrels. I also love the copper accents and darker leather! We are back in the mid 17s instead of the low 18s and I really think it’s partially because of my new Lisa Lockhart Circle Y Saddle!

If you would like a quote on this saddle it starts at 2,505.00 USD plus 5% customs , $90.00 Quarantine and Shipping and GST Contact me via our contact and we will try to help you, 

THIS SADDLE IS NOT 0.00 $$ it needs to be quoted. 

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