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Barrel racing legend, Martha Josey, has designed – from the tree up – her Ultimate Barrel Saddles to reflect her personal style and preferences to keep you correct, balanced, and in stride with your horse. We’ve taken the popular Renegade and punched it up with a ranchy style – full rough out hardseat for “stick” with spot and buckstitch trim. These saddles have all of Martha’s essential features. Available in rich chocolate rough out. Hand made in Yoakum, Texas.

Every Josey Ultimate is built with these key features:
Horn: 4” forward slanted horn helps to push down into your turn and pull up coming out of your turn
Center Pocket Seat: for centering and balance keeps rider in stride with the horse
Pay Window Swells: keeps rider in correct position to hold the horn and keeps the horn available
Cantle: keeps you from getting behind the horse’s stride. The seat is dished so you sit in the seat and not on it, allowing you to stay in stride with the horse
Free Swing, Forward Hung Stirrup Leathers: keeps the feet forward preventing the rider from being thrown forward and off balance
Stirrups: 3” wide aluminum rubber grip stirrups for comfort and balance
Rigging: rawhide slots or 3-Way Adjustable
Ultimate Wood Tree: designed to Josey’s personal style and preferences

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