NEW! 🐎 💖 FQHB ROPER 🚚 Posted.
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NEW! 🐎 💖 FQHB ROPER 🚚 Posted.

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16" Blue River roper saddle rough out leather and basketweave tooling. This saddle features rough out fenders, jockeys and seat and is accented with barbed wire tooling. Basketweave tooled skirts, pommel and back cinch. Saddle comes equipped with front D rings, leather latigo, off billet and back cinch. 

 Model: 16"  96010

Tree: Bullhide Covered Hardwood

Seat: Rough out Hardseat

Bars:  *Full Quarter horse

Gullet: 7"

Horn:   4"

 Cantle: 5"


16" - 14"


16" - 14"x 29"

Stirrup Adjustment: 

16" - 34"x 38"
**additional holes can be added to stirrup leathers**


16" -41lbs

**Saddle comes with warranty card and is warrantied for roping

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