Pre Order imports
*Note: Please check with us prior to placing orders so we can check stock. Covid has hit hard and some suppliers have limited stock ATM*

Pre Order imports

😷 With  this Covid -19 as you are aware everything  has been locked down ,borders closed etc,

As we are a Small Sole Trader Business and do not import with containers i have been checking with our   Manufacturers in USA and Fedex. 

1 AUD = 0.583082 USD
1 USD = 1.71503 AUD
US Dollar to Australian Dollar Conversion

This is our up to date as of 24.03.2020 

Therefore the products might increase.

Supplier said We are still shipping and FedEx is still running. I think it has slowed shipments down a little but they are not on hold.


8:38 AM (40 minutes ago)
to me

Hi Maryanne ,

Please note that business as usual for us , just that you may expect some delay.

Should you require further/urgent assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service hotline at 132610

Thank you.          
Customer Care Representative
FedEx Express
132 610
Thank You for shipping with FedEx !                                                                   
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further assistance                  

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NEW! 🐎 💖Showman ® LIMITED EDITION 🚚 Posted.*
NEW! 🐎 💖Showman ® LIMITED EDITION 🚚 Posted.*
Regular price AUD289.95
NEW! 🐎 💖Showman ® LIMITED EDITION Teal and Black   🚚 Posted.*
NEW! 🐎 💖Showman ® LIMITED EDITION Teal and Black 🚚 Posted.*
Regular price AUD289.95
NEW! 🐎 💖 Showman ® 31
NEW! 🐎 💖 Showman ® 31" x 32" x 1" Brown Built Up Felt Saddle Pad with Texas Star Design. 🚚 Posted.*
Regular price AUD189.95 Sold out

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