“If you have gained the trust of a horse, you have won a friend for life.”

Harry Dabbs

Highly sort after High End Quality.

Harry Dabbs Saddle Makers are known worldwide for their production of quality saddles for all disciplines, many of models feature the popular ‘Performance Panel’. This distinctive panel gently leaves the back of the horse a fraction sooner keeping the lumbar region free enabling the horse to move more freely.  The panels also free up the trapezius muscle in the shoulder area, to aid fore limb movement.

To find out more see the description on each Harry Dabbs Saddle

We are working Directly with the supplier to offer our clients Quality Saddles

(Euro Sport, Passier, Syd Hill, Harry Dabbs and Bentley Saddles)

How much will a saddle fit cost?

Saddle fittings will range in price, there is a $100 consultation fee and $25 per saddle adjustment – our average saddle fit costs $150.00

Our Supplier is  located in the heart of Swan Valley in Western Australia and perform most saddle fits in the metro areas. We can also accommodate customers in outer metro areas if there are 5 or more horses needing saddle fits. We can also recommend saddle fitters in country areas or interstate.

How do I book a saddle fit? for (Euro Sport, Passier, Syd Hill, Harry Dabbs and Bentley Saddles)

To book a saddle fitting please follow one of the below avenues:

Contact  email  countryscene7767@gmail.com and Ill try to help you.

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