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NEW! 🐎 💖 CSS  01 Custom Inlay Barrel Saddle

NEW! 🐎 💖 CSS 01 Custom Inlay Barrel Saddle

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Seat Size
For 13" - 12"(Drop)*23"(Skirt length)
For 14" - 12"(Drop)*24"(Skirt length)
For 15" - 12"(Drop)*25"(Skirt length)
For 16" - 12"(Drop)*26"(Skirt length)
For 17" - 12"(Drop)*27"(Skirt length)
Need any changes please let us know.
We have a range of seat Colour options
Choose your options
(Plenty of colours to choose from)
Please Select an option
We have a large range of colours so if your looking for a particular colour please let us know
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Bridle n Breastplate
Lattigo Sets
Accessories ( gear bags )
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Base price includes: Saddle, Matching Bridle and Breastcollar.

Matching headstall comes with 5/8"x 7' leather split reins.  

well:     13"     

Gullet:      6" to 7" are available, but wider/ narrower can be made to order.

 Horn:       3"- 4" 

Cantle:     Standard is 4", but could be extended till 5.5", depending on your requirement.  
Adult - 2"(Tread),3"(Neck),4.75"(Width)
Kids - 2"(Tread),2"(Neck),4.25"(Width)
Tree type - 
1, wooden rawhide-covered tree.
2, fiberglass tree

Pre Orders

6 to 8 week ETA on Saddles this is approximate as  covid and shipping may cause delays

This particular set  was Saddle,Saddle Pad,Boots,n bells Latigo n Billet Set,Stirrup Irons and Matching compression hood  Bridle and Breastplate  ASK US this can be done for all our patterns  :) 

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