NEW! 🐎 💖Cashel Trail Saddle🚚 Posted.*
NEW! 🐎 💖Cashel Trail Saddle🚚 Posted.*

NEW! 🐎 💖Cashel Trail Saddle🚚 Posted.*

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Light on weight & heavy on quality. Soft supple leather and a streamlined design makes this the ultimate trail saddle. Double padded seat for advanced rider comfort. And since it is built on the AXIS tree, you know it provides full even contact to your horse. Rough out seat option.

Weight:  11.11 kgs  or 24.5 lbs     Available in Chocolate Herman Oak leather

Nice quality saddle! Made by Martin for Cashel with an axis tree, the flared bars are just great for  huge shoulders. The saddle sits balanced and is comfortable  

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